December 1, 2011
Agenda:1) Welcome and Introductions
  • Fran Hassler, Ponca
  • Terri Nollette, Cody-Kilgore
  • Judi Sigler, Elkhorn Valley
  • Barb Bode, Elgin
  • Rita Dreiling, Emerson-Hubbard
  • Rhonda, Carol, Jeff

*What is your best hope for today's visioning session?
2) Today's Purpose: Create a Vision for the Future that will further support Guidance Counselors in their role at the district level
3) The Past: Creating a career exploration partnership with Northeast Community CollegeKey points: This partnership has served us well, many students were affected positively, Guidance Counselors played an integral role in its success, we hope the partnership will continue at the district level without additional financial and/or organizational support
4) The Present: The Carl Perkins grant will support innovation for 3 years with sustainable, district maintenance after its conclusion; funds continue to get tighter--how might we build a system that is innovative yet fiscally responsible; continued collaborative effort between ESUs 1, 8 & 17
5) The Future: What might it look like? How might we build a system that is tweaked in 3 years to further support Guidance Counseling?
Questions for consideration:How can Perkins support your professional growth considering today's challenges? What do you need to accomplish this?Considering today, where do you need to go in the future for college & career readiness?What does our connection look like with students?Possibilities are endless, including such ideas as creating podcasts useful to all Guidance Counselors, 7 Habits training for all Guidance Counselors, etc.
6) Pulling the Conversation Together: Summarize the conversation, including prioritizing ideas and creating "next steps" (action plan and dissemination of plan to other Guidance Counselors).
Additional tasks for Jeff, Carol and Rhonda:1) Note-keeper (one of us?)2) Is there something we might read or watch together that would spark "anything is possible" conversation? Anything from Design Team 3 work that might do the trick? A video from the recent ESUPDO EdCamp wiki that would invite possibility?3) Do we have hard copies of this content available for our discussion?4) What else do we need for this meeting to be successful?
How might we split up the above tasks? What do you think of this?Jeff: 1 and 2Carol: 3 and 4Rhonda: 5 and 6