Meeting Minutes from ESU 1, 8 & 17 Visioning meeting
Attendees: Rhonda Jindra, Carol Jessen, Deb Wragge, Jeff McQuistan, Bev Newton, Erika Volker (facilitator)

I believe
Transform Education Sticky Notes
  • I believe we want to transform education but struggle with the barriers rather than take the time to address them
  • I believe we have enough funding to educate our students well
  • I believe teachers really do care about kids
  • I demonstrate a love of learning
  • Empowerment is a different balance
  • I believe administrators want to be leaders, but day-to-day activities thrurst them into management
  • I believe regulations tend to stifel learning rather than guarentee it
  • Change is inevitable
  • I believe parents want a quality education for thier kids but are too busy doing what they have to do to be effective

  • Communication is a key
  • Trust is imperative to success
  • Reationships are the most important piece
  • I believe relationships are the key to everything
  • The key to the work is collaboration
We believe in:
Excellence -
Current Activities: DT 1, 2, & 3
Teech Trainers
NCE Conference
PFI Facilitation of activities
Nebraska Career Connections
7 Habits (principles)

Excellence Future Activities:
CTE capacity (curriculum, instruction and assessment)
Direct impact --- student data
continuing cutting edge strategies (vocab, skills, technology and knowledge)

Transforming Education
Current Activities:
DT 1, 2 & 3
DT counselors
Tech Trainers
Connections to students (DT's)
polycom meetings (innovative)
7 Habits (lead by example)

Transforming Education Future Activities:
buliding capsity in CTE educators (assessment, instruction, curriclum)
Expanding "hobby" courses to career courses
aligning CTE to workforce development
seeing what the future holds and going there
reVISION - Next steps

DT 1, 2 & 3
Tech Trainers
Monitoring Process and grant proposal
8th Grade career day
Lifelong learning center - NOrtheast CC personnelle
Nebraska Career Connections
polycom Meetings (Innovative)
comprehensive networking
strong communcation skills
encourage participation and commitment
7 Habits (relationships)

Collaboration Future Activities:
Advisory Committee

Advisory Council Member Representation Ideas:
  1. Tim Henderson - Business/Industry
  2. Mary Colfack - Business/industry
  3. Erika Volker - Labor Organization
  4. Dawn Friedrich - CTE teacher
  5. Terri Nollette - CTE teacher
  6. Amanda Nipp - Parent
  7. Kim Neesen - Workforce/Economic Development
  8. Lisa Hurley - Workforce/Economic Development
  9. Ed Stansberry- Special Populations/Native American Representative
  10. Wayne hospital? HR Director
  1. General Education

Sticky Notes
  • Excellence Sticky Notes
  • I believe i am a resource and am able to serve the ESU 1 educational community
  • I am an advocate for the profession of education
  • Long range planning is crucial
  • Just in time response is important
  • I strive to model and inspre excellence in everything I do