Polycom Meeting - Connection Sites
  • ESU #1 Wakefield
  • ESU #17 Special Education Office Valentine
  • Northeast Community College
  • Wausa High School

Susie Buss - Workforce/Economic Development (absent)
Mary Colfack - Business/Industry
Karen Eddie - Regular Education Teacher
Dawn Friedrich - Career Ed Teacher
Eric Johnson - Community College (absent)
Robert Joseph - Business/Industry
Terri Nollette - Guidance and Counseling
Brent Peterson - Business/Industry
Ed Stansberry - Special Populations
Erika Volker - Labor Organization
Makala Williams - Community College

8:30 - Welcome and Introductions
8:40 - Overview and Purpose of Career and Technical Education (CTE) in Nebraska

9:00 - Reflection
9:10 - Future Forecasting: Committee members provide ideas of activities and experiences to strengthen CTE in northeast Nebraska
9:45 - Debrief and Next Steps
10:00 - Adjourn

Next meeting date: we will review the Perkins grant plan and ask for assistance with executing the goals and objectives.

Meeting Notes from 9:10am Brainstorming Session
Career Readiness Standards
  • Financial Mindset (entrepreneurship, lending and borrowing practices, etc.)
  • Communication (verbal and written)
  • Well-rounded person; develop the individual
  • Workplace Skills
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
  • Career Ethics
Academy Expansion
  • College Connection (Northeast Community College; Wayne State College)
  • Automotive Academy
  • Design additional career academies
  • Lean on each other; strengthen partnerships
  • Business to Classroom Relationship
  • Career Fair
Professional Development
  • Sharing programs of study with all teachers