Update - October 4, 2011

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Objectives of the Training include providing all administrative users of NE Career Connections with a basic understanding of the new platform as well as all prior features and enhancements that are integrated in the system. The training session will be divided into two sections with the first half of the session devoted primarily to the student portion of the system and related administrative tasks. The second half of the session will focus on the administrative portion of the system. There will be emphasis on the Curriculum Templates that are used for the creation of the Personal Learning Plans for students. Participants will be provided with guided time to work on this and other administrative reports.

website - sponsors named throughout the site (linked to specific career clusters)
college and career readiness (center) activated mid-November; Nebraska model being adopted nation-wide

Morning - student account
home page "Log In"
create sample student account
internet safety of a banking system - times out
select user type "Student"
grade level "10"
First Name "sample"
MI - skip
Last Name - type in your last name
Date of Birth - 2 digits/2digits/1995
ZIP Code - actual
e-mail address - actual or "none" or parents' email
don't check email opt out
cell phone - just the digits (no spaces, dashes, etc.); for text messages
cell phone carrier - select
graduation year - "2015"
expected level of education - probably not a masters
student id -
user name - first initial lastname student digit (to avoid duplication, getting kicked out of system)
password - "sample"
secret question, answer - easy to answer and easy to spell
activation code "sample" - n3367939nrf (only to be used for a sample student account)

student portfolio
printable knowledge and skills
6th grade interest checklist available
register 6th graders at the end of the year - ready to go in 7th grade

Edit My Profile
Current Status: edit (change grade level, enter code of new school 'NCode')
Personal Information: keep information updated for resumes, etc.
Most small school districts have 1 NCode.
Profile Photo: from current computer (if digital photo is available) or select from one of the stock photos
Students can transition to an adult account once they finish their senior year of high school

Career Exploration tab
Career Planning Timeline - list of tasks to complete, manually check the box (it does not automatically update)
(as an administrator you can check to see if they've done what they've said they've done)

Self-Exploration tab
assessments - approximate administration times posted
Career Search with person Match and Skills Assessment - MS (and twice in HS)
Work Values Inventory-revised (junior/senior in HS)
these assessments are all about the students - only the students know the answers about themselves
Career Search - must select a 1, 2, and 3 for each answer (rank order) or you will not be allowed to continue
if assessments are not completed in a single session, all pages that have been completed will be saved.

"sun" increased expectation in job/career opportunities in future
10th percentile - coursework completion, no experience (starting salary)
median - coursework and some experience
90th percentile - masters (for salary range)
Work Values - critical to specific career
Education & Experience - majors/programs

Assessment - scores from school assessments (PLAN, EXPLORE, etc) can also be entered by the student

Priority - "interest" trumps "skills" for students at this age (you can learn the skills)

Afternoon - ADMS Administrative Database Management System

Registering students
Resetting passwords
Logging in returning users--user names and passwords
Finding current batch codes (Students now use an Activation Code)
Completing individual login instruction sheets
Student features available in NE Career Connections
Student portfolios (electronic portfolios are now available)
Personal Learning Plans
Administrative features available in the NE Career Connections
Administratie reports (including new reports)
Parent resources in the system