Promoting 21st Century Learning in Northeast Nebraska

Educational Service Units 1, 8, and 17 have joined forces to form the Northeast Nebraska Network Collaboration (NNNC). The Perkins Coordinators from each agency have partnered to develop a common 5-year strategic plan. This plan reflected input gained through planning sessions with Northeast Community College, Nebraska Department of Education, Partnerships for Innovation, Norfolk Public Schools and South Sioux City Schools. The NNNC 2011-12 collaborative grant application was written based on communication and collaboration with these multiple partners. The three ESUs share a common grant proposal, implementation strategies, and grant monitor. In addition to innovative planning and implementation, the NNNC features numerous professional development opportunities for teachers.

The following activities are provided and/or supported for educators and students:
  • Northeast Nebraska Career Academy Partnership (NENCAP) brochure
  • Solid Works/Chief Architect
  • Nebraska Career Connections
  • NDE Career Field workshops
    • NDE Business, Marking and Technology workshop
    • 8th Grade Career Day
    • NDE Skilled and Technical Sciences workshop
    • NDE IMPACT Ag workshop

  • iPods: A Tool for Professional Development and Classroom Instruction
  • MacBook: A Tool for Creating a Collaborative Classroom Experience
  • Covey’s Leadership Greatness
  • Nebraska Career Education Conference
  • NDE Family & Consumer Sciences workshop

Career Educators learn specific skills to support 21st century classroom instruction and expand collegial networks, together which supported improved student learning back at the local district.